Latest Past Sessions

Discover Cyber Security Threats

Virtual Session

Every organisations' IT and Security department aims to prevent security vulnerabilities and reduce risk. However, this process is time-consuming, resource-hungry and the threats are ever-changing. How can organisations assess their ongoing risk of cyber threats, and identify what an acceptable level of safety is, without draining resource and budgets?

How to set up an Emerging Technology Team with Swindon Borough Council

Virtual Session

What is an Emerging Technology Team? What can it do for public sector organisations and how do you set one up? Sarah Talbot, Emerging Technologies Lead for Swindon Borough Council, talks to Paul Greenhead, Methods Director of Change & Innovation about how she set up Swindon’s award-winning Emerging Technology Team.

Disaggregation and Contract Exit – break-free from single vendor IT environments

Virtual Session

This session delivers clarity on disaggregation and the challenges faced by organisations aiming to move from complex single or multi-tenancy managed services to integrated, best of breed supplier ecosystems. We give you a view of how Methods helps our clients achieve success, and leave you with insights on disaggregation in practice.