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Data is the new oil/glitter/gold/revolution; cutting through the cliches and making change.


We’ll explore the hype around data, how much of that is justified (most, if channelled thoughtfully) and how you can translate the clichés into something meaningful for your organisation. We’ll go through a simple framework for getting started with a data strategy, then show some real-world case studies that show how you can execute and deploy that vision.

Data, data, data – it’s everywhere and we’ve been promised it will give us more and more with every headline. As with every growth area, there is hype, conjecture and creative marketing designed to sell data as a magic pill to cure all ills. Data is a hugely powerful resource which must be treated with respect, but it does have massive potential to transform your organisation. As service providers and data generators, we can choose to create data ethically and increase equality, or we can inadvertently perpetuate bias and negatively affect the most vulnerable in society, we can democratise our data to better inform our colleagues and citizens, or we craft it into a shape that suits a chosen narrative.

These are the types of nuanced decisions that will take your data transformation far deeper than clichés and slogans. Fortunately, with an appropriate vision and a data strategy that governs on principles and delivers through iteration and evolution, much of the buzz is justified and achievable for every public sector organisation. With ever lower barriers to entry, more education and awareness around data ethics and more effective routes to increase data literacy, it is more achievable than ever for leaders to craft a data strategy that envisions your organisation data-oriented future and brings positive change quicker.
April 22 2022


Date: April 22
Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


Virtual Session


Olly Bailey